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"I have given you ALL the seed bearing plants and herbs to use."

- Genesis 1:12

What are MAGIK BEANZ?!?

'MAgik Beanz' are TOP end cannabis seeds from MAssachusetts. Grown organically and in the best possible conditions whenever possible. They are watered with H2O that has a few drops of "magic-like" water added to it. This water taken or brought (when possible) from the 28 Wonders of the World - both ancient and modern. And from over a dozen of the world's most Holy places including holy water blessed by several Popes for 'healing'.

AND these waters have also been blessed or prayed over by a bunch of Priests, Priestesses, Rabbi's, Salem Witches, etc. Asking that:

"The flower produced from the seeds of plants watered with this bring the desired and sought after healing effects when smoked." ​

Does it work? We SURE hope so!!!

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